Corporate Beach Cleanups

Orange County Coastkeeper offers your group the opportunity to partner with us to run an engaging hands-on beach cleanup. Involvement in our beach cleanup program is a great way to enhance the image of your company as a positive contributor to the community and local environment. Sponsoring a beach cleanup involves your employees in an important hands-on environmental program, teaching people about pollution while they remove debris from the beaches.

Edward_Lifesciences_(2).jpg Levi.jpg Mazda.jpg

May 6, 2015: Edward Lifesciences

  • 41 volunteers
  • 25 pounds of trash
  • Aliso Beach

May 7, 2015: Levi Strauss & Co.

  • 10 volunteers
  • 24 pounds of trash
  • San Clemente Pier

September 11, 2015: Mazda

  • 30 volunteers
  • 55 pounds of trash
  • Huntington State Beach 
Medtronic.jpg Pimco.jpg Sequoia_Equities.jpg

June 5, 2015: Medtronic

  • 43 volunteers
  • 180 pounds of trash
  • Huntington State Beach

Feb. 4, 2015: PIMCO

  • 150 volunteers
  • 450 pounds of trash
  • Huntington State Beach

June 18, 2015: Sequoia Equities

  • 57 volunteers
  • 80 pounds of trash
  • San Clemente Pier 

October, 2015: Ratuken, Inc. and Kingston Technology with AVP

  • 72 Volunteers
  • 50 pounds of trash
  • Huntington City Beach

Why organize a beach cleanup for your company?

  • It encourages teamwork and cooperation
  • Volunteers learn about their local environment while making a difference in their community
  • It is perfect to kick-start a team BBQ
  • Many of our cleanups receive media attention
  • Beach cleanups are FUN, and a great way to start your day

With a $1,000 donation, Coastkeeper will:

  • Help you choose a cleanup site appropriate for your team
  • Arrange for necessary permits • Provide instructions for the cleanup along with all necessary supplies (bags, gloves, grabbers, water) for 50 people
  • Orange County Coastkeeper attends one site to speak with your group about the need for picking up litter from our beaches and the impacts of marine debris on marine life and the environment
  • Provide the opportunity to set up a promotional table and signage at the cleanup, advertising your company in the local community
  • Analyze the data and report back to your group about the impact made by your team

Why are beach cleanups important?

Litter on beaches is more than just an eyesore – it damages our environment, threatens our public health, and undermines our quality of life. The most common items found on local beaches are cigarette butts and single-use plastics. If these types of debris are not removed from the beach, they end up in our water. Marine debris is one of the biggest problems facing our ocean, posing a serious threat to wildlife through ingestion or entanglement. Coastkeeper informs businesses and communities about how they can help stop pollution before it starts by taking greater care in their everyday activities and choices to minimize marine debris.

Thank you for your interest in Corporate Beach Cleanups. For more information and arranging an event for your organization please download our Sponsorship Packet and call (714) 850-1965. We look forward to working with you!