Infographic: True Cost of Desalination

Huntington Beach desalination plant is bad for OC's economyDistribution, storage, infrastructure and more – all of these expensive factors remain hidden from the true cost of the proposed Poseidon Huntington Beach Desalination Plant. Knowing that Orange County residents are not receiving an accurate price tag, we created an infographic displaying each of the sneaky costs Poseidon does not want ratepayers to know.

On top of the $1 billion it will cost to build the plant, ratepayers can also plan on footing the bill for:

  • Water priced at least 20 percent higher than imported water for the first 15 years
  • Costs for retreating excess desalinated water that is stored in our aquifers
  • Up to $100 million to build and manage a water distribution system
  • The impending costs of protecting the plant from the certainty of sea level rise

Orange County should think more strategically about water supply options that work now and are more cost effective, such as conservation, efficiency of water use and stormwater capture. These solutions provide more benefit for Orange County residents and should be utilized and exhausted before resorting to costly desalination.

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