Events & Volunteering

Monthly Beach Cleanups

Second Saturday of every month @ Huntington State Beach!

Invite your friends and family out to this monthly event to keep our beaches clean and to learn more about coastal conservation, our watershed and marine debris. This month we will be at our usual Huntington State Beach location, lifeguard tower #2 from 9:00 – 11:00 am.

Parking info: To enter the park, use the Magnolia entrance off of PCH, then proceed to drive south to tower #2 (past Brookhurst). Parking is free for the entirety of the event when you mention that you are with Coastkeeper for the beach cleanup. You must arrive by 9:30 AM to receive free entry.
What to wear/bring: We ask all volunteers to wear closed-toe shoes, dress appropriately for the weather (warm or cold), wear a hat and sunscreen, and to please bring water (preferably using a reusable water bottle). We always try to reduce the amount of trash at our beaches, so if you have garden/reusable gloves, feel free to bring them. You can also reuse a grocery bag, or use a reusable bag/bucket to collect the trash. If you do not have any of these items, we will have disposable gloves and bags available to all volunteers.

Please RSVP to with the number of people in your group.

 We hope you can join us!

  • Waiver of Liability Form- Please print out and sign this waiver and bring it with you to the event. Volunteers under age 18 need to have a parent or guardian sign their form.

Garden Volunteer Days & Docents Needed:

Work out your green thumb at our Garden! There is always something to do, regardless of the season, so we need as much help as we can get! Individual volunteers are welcome to help out on weekdays, and group volunteer events are by request only. Participants for group events must be 18 and over. Weekday and weekend opportunities are available.

The garden will be open to the public daily, and so we need volunteer docents to greet guests, be available to answer questions, respond to any emergencies at the garden and perform general maintenance. Docents will only be required to work at least one shift a week for a few hours at a time, but this will all be discussed after you express interest.

Succulent Seminar Pic

These free workshops are from 10:00 – 11:00 am and will teach you all the steps necessary in planning and California Friendly® landscape. Get all the info here, and please RSVP to

Alamitos Bay Oyster Restoration

Get involved in a local oyster restoration project! We are looking for dedicated volunteers of any age to help out by maintaining their own oyster shell strings to be hung from docks throughout Alamitos Bay. These strings will recruit baby oysters throughout the summer and will eventually be placed on an oyster bed in the Jack Dunster Marine Reserve.

If you are interested in helping out or are simply curious about the project and want to help in other ways, please contact Amanda Bird at
For more information on the upcoming volunteer activities, visit our partnering website, Restore the Olys, or visit the Coastkeeper oyster page.


Additional Resources for Local Events and Volunteering:



Past 2013 Events

Oct. 26: Pumpkin Play Day

Over 50 families joined us for a fun day of decorating pumpkins and enjoying nature play at the Coastkeeper Garden. Pumpkins were free for all from a generous partnership with Kathy Wren and Alpine Mortgage Planning.

Oct. 19: 2nd Annual CleanWaterFest

Ten craft breweries came together to show their support for clean water at the 2nd Annual CleanWaterFest. More info about this event is available here and view photos here. UnEarth Music Hub created this video from the event.

July 25: Swimmable California Day

Swimmable CA Day 2013 012July 25 was the first ever, Swimmable California Day! We hosted a beach cleanup celebration from 3:00 – 7:00 pm. at Bolsa Chica State Beach, lifeguard tower #20. Swimmable CA Day is a Senate Concurrent Resolution that passed the Legislature with large bi-partisan support for clean water. Everyone who enjoys paddling, surfing, swimming, or just frolicking in the waves should came out to do their part and keep their beach and waters clean. Afterwards, volunteers gathered around a bonfire to roast hot dogs and s’mores; supplies donated by Walmart, Ralphs, Vons, Stater Bros. and Pavilions. Assemblyman Travis Allen, Assemblyman Allan Mansoor and Mayor Connie Boardman all came by to show their support for clean beaches and clean water.

May 4, 2013: From the Garden to the Sea

This fundraiser gala celebrated the grand opening of the Coastkeeper Garden. The event featured wine tasting, hors d’oeuvres, live music and a silent auction. More event info.

Past 2012 Events

October 20: CleanWaterFest!

Coastkeeper’s fall fundraiser was held at Anthill Pub & Grille located on the UC Irvine campus. This beer tasting event featured nearly 20 regional microbreweries offering tasters of their amazing brews. There was a barbecue, live music and awesome raffle prizes. You can view event photos here.

August 25: Disney VoluntEARS at the garden!

June 23: Coastal Access Day – Huntington Harbour Bay Club pocket beach grand re-opening

To celebrate coastal access, Coastkeeper hosted the grand re-opening of a pocket beach that had been closed to the public for many years. This beach is perfect for kayak and paddle board launching, or for a leisurely afternoon of fishing. Another major bonus is the FREE PARKING!  To announce the opening of this beach, about a dozen paddle boarders made their way across the harbor, beginning their journey from another pocket beach in Huntington Harbour, Trinidad Beach. Many thanks to everyone who came out to this event, all of our paddle boarders, members of the community. Special thanks to the Starbucks on PCH and 24th, and Yorktown and Main, for donating coffee and pastries.

June 5: Kids Ocean Day

950 students, teachers and volunteers!

Many months of planning, assemblies, and sunburns gotten mapping out aerial art, and we accomplished another successful ocean day. Nearly 800 students and over 150 educators and volunteers came together to “Defend the Sea!” Coastkeeper’s education department spent months going to each school that participates in Ocean Day to educate the students about our watershed and how trash and pollution travels from inland to the ocean. The students then get to come to the beach, a first time for many, and see what exactly ends up at the beach. This experience teaches the next generation to be good environmental stewards. Thanks again to all of our sponsors and our education teams and interns for working so hard to make this event work!

Past events

  • Coastal Playground Cleanup, August 6, 2011 Thanks to the awesome company Coastal Playground, the OCC Circle K club and Coastkeeper volunteers for spending a Saturday cleaning Bolsa Chica State Beach!   The team of 25 picked up over 1,800 pieces of debris, including high numbers of small plastic pieces, and unusual items such as glow sticks, cement and an aerosol spray can.  What did we pick up? Coastal Playground Cleanup Summary (pdf)      You can support  Coastkeeper in style by purchasing a Coastal Playground t-shirt!
  • Second Annual PIMCO Cleanup, July 20, 2011 Coastkeeper sends a big “THANK YOU” to PIMCO employees and their families for helping clean Huntington State Beach at the Santa Ana River Mouth. The cleanup team collected over 1600 pieces of styrofoam and almost 500 plastic pieces, 200 food wrappers and over 100 plastic bottle caps, and of course the random Hot Wheels, chopsticks, tennis balls, Legos, light bulbs and flip flops. Wow! Almost all of the trash was land-based. The message? We should clean up our own cities and streets to keep our ocean clean!
  • - What did we pick up? PIMCO 2011 Cleanup (pdf)
  • - Check out the PIMCO 2011 Photo Gallery! Stay tuned for more photos.
  • Sam’s Club Volunteer Day at the Garden Tuesday March 15, 2011 Orange, CA 
    Sam’s Club employees who helped get over 400 plants in the ground! Thank you!
  • Feb. 17: King Tides captured along the CA coast CA Coastkeeper Alliance initiated a campaign to take photos of these extreme high tides along our coast, which give us a glimpse of how sea level rise could impact coastal areas. Thanks to all who participated! Click the links below to learn more:
    - Check out photos on the CA King Tides Flickr Page.
    - Learn more at: CA Coastkeeper Alliance Page.
    “King tides: a global warming preview?” OC Register
    “Storm Surges and King Tides,” KQED, 2-17
  • Dec. 15-16: MLPA Meeting in Santa Barbara
    The Fish and Game Commission approved a suite of Marine Protected Areas along the South Coast region!
  • 2010 Wine and Dine at Sandy’s Beach Grill
    Thursday October 21, 2010 Sandy’s Beach Grill, Huntington Beach, CA
  • Rigs to Reefs? 2010 Conference
    Friday July 23,2010 Waterfront Hilton, Huntington Beach, CA
  • PIMCO Cleanup- Sunday July 25, 2010 Huntington State Beach  *video* *photos*
    Coastkeeper partnered with PIMCO for an employee beach cleanup at Huntington State Beach. Thanks to PIMCO staff and their families for helping us leave the beach a lot cleaner than we found it.
  • OCVC Cleanup- Sunday August 15, 2010, Bolsa Chica State Beach and Wetlands  *video*
    Over the over 20 families joined Coastkeeper to cleanup Bolsa Chica State Beach and restore habitat at the Bolsa Chica Wetlands. Thanks to the Family Service Teams of the Volunteer Center of Orange County for partnering with us on this event!
  • The “Blue” Water Concert
    Thusday June 10,2010 Club M,  Laguna Beach, CA
  • Kids Ocean Day 2010
    Wednesday May 26,2010 Huntington State  Beach, Huntington Beach, CA
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