Coastal Cleanup Day

Coastal Cleanup Month 2020

Volunteers during OC Coastal Cleanup Month 2020
Pounds of Trash removed during OC Coastal Cleanup Month 2020
Miles of coast cleaned during OC Coastal Cleanup Month 2020

Please complete this survey if you did a cleanup during Coastal Cleanup Month. Each person who completes the survey will get a free taco from Rubio’s!:

To take the Coastal Cleanup 2020 volunteer survey, please click here!

coastal cleanup month 2020

This year, Coastal Cleanup Month will look a little different.

For safety reasons, there will not be large, organized cleanups. Instead, cleanups will be self-guided and close to home all month long. Cleanups are happening every Saturday in September.  Report your cleanup by recording data on the CleanSwell app. Also please help us better analyze your data by naming your group ‘Coastkeeper Clean’.

You are encouraged to clean the coast by sweeping through your own neighborhoods and local parks, creeks, streams, rivers, and the coast (where accessible) to help prevent single-use plastic items and other litter from polluting the environment and flowing into the ocean. Removing trash from our neighborhoods is super helpful in preventing marine debris because 80% of litter seen at the beach originates up the watershed from our cities by being translocated through our storm drain system when it rains or from urban runoff.

Follow this link to sign up for reminder emails:

rules for coastal cleanup day 2020

Orange County Residents Only We will be hosting a virtual scavenger hunt on our social media pages.

  • Rules of Participation:
    • Every Saturday throughout September, you will have all day to post pictures on your social media of the requested scavenger hunt trash items that Coastkeeper announces on social media (e.g. 10 bottle caps, 1 glove, 1 mask, 1 water bottle, etc.)
    • Hashtags to use for entry (either by posting trash pictures on social media or if your profile is private you can directly email pictures to [email protected]):
      • #coastkeeperclean (priority hashtag for the scavenger hunt)
      • #protectyourhappyplace
      • #coastalcleanupmonth
    • The following Monday, winners will be announced on Coastkeeper’s Instagram story & can stop by the office to pick up their prize(s) outside with a mask. Those that emailed their entry will be notified via email if they won.
    • Prizes include $10 Gift Cards for California Fish Grill, Coastal Cleanup Month shirts, Coastal Cleanup Month postcards & posters, ‘Beach Days’ comic books, reusable cleanup swag from Humboldt Distillery, and more.

To watch the Newport Bay Conservancy’s Coastal Cleanup Day 2020 Trash Talk webinar: Click Here!



Coastal Friends

The Boeing Company

Debris Detective

In-Kind Donors

In-kind donation sponsors:
  1. CA Fish Grill– $10 Gift Cards
  2. The Shark Laboratory at California State University of Long Beach– ‘Beach Days’ comic books (2 different comic books; Share the Waves & Save the Waves)
  3. Humboldt Distillery– Reusable buckets and reusable bags for cleanups, and t-shirts