Retiring Offshore Rigs Summit

Can you imagine an ocean view without an oil rig?

Orange County Coastkeeper and the California Artificial Reef Enhancement Program (CARE) are proud to announce “Retiring Offshore Rigs: A Clear Path Forward!”

This all-day summit will focus on exploring and accelerating the offshore oil rig decommissioning process in California. Policymakers, elected officials, engineers, marine biologists, environmentalists, rig operators, and other stakeholders will all be invited to speak and attend in person. The event will be broadcasted live to the public at no cost.

Save the Date: April 21, 2022 in Newport Beach, CA!

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Why should California prioritize offshore decommissioning?

In the wake of the 2021 Amplify oil spill and amidst the Platform Holly decommission debacle, there has never been a more apparent need to reassess the decommissioning process. Offshore oil operations produce a minuscule amount of oil produced in California yet pose an enormous threat to our coastal ecosystem and economy. Their equipment is aging and certainly not state of the art, which will undoubtedly result in an increase in spills in the coming years. For example, from October 2021 to January 2022, five incidents of oil sheens were observed near the operating area of the platforms.

Coastkeeper’s upcoming Retiring Offshore Rigs Summit, or ROR, comes roughly ten years after Coastkeeper’s Rigs to Reef Conference in 2010. While that conference succeeded in passing new decommissioning and artificial reef enhancement laws, the language was not workable. In the decade since that legislation, known as AB 2503, or the “California Marine Resources Legacy Act” was signed into law, it was never implemented by the state.

Why host this summit in Orange County?

Our county is a hub for oil production both offshore and onshore. There are currently 27 platforms off the California coast, 4 operating in state waters and 23 in federal waters. The 3 operative platforms located within the 3-mile state water boundary, Eva, Emmy, and Esther, are all located off Orange County.

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