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Kelsey Reimer

Development and Outreach Coordinator

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Kelsey’s deep passion for the ocean and environment developed at an early age, being from a family of avid fishermen, divers, and general outdoorsmen. After a life-changing experience diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in 2009, Kelsey pursued a degree in Marine Science from the University of Hawaii, Hilo. While at the University of Hawaii, Hilo, Kelsey researched more sustainable methods of capturing fish in designated coastal fisheries and working with the local community on methods and solutions that served both ecologically and culturally. Having earned a Bachelor of Science in Marine Science with a minor in Chemistry, Kelsey traveled back to her home state of California and began working as a Science Instructor at Ocean Institute in Dana Point. From Science Instructor, being promoted to Compliance Liaison, and then to Program Development Manager, Kelsey earned a plethora of experience in scientific education, environmental permitting, and nonprofit development (fundraising, donor communications, program development, etc.) before moving on to OC Coastkeeper. At Coastkeeper, Kelsey is responsible for donor communication, various aspects of fundraising, event sponsorships, and more!

Outside of working hours, Kelsey loves being outside in any capacity through water sports, camping, hiking, and roller skating. One of her more unique hobbies is macerating, articulating, and restoring natural artifacts for personal or professional display purposes (in other words, working with bones!).  Her dog, Duke, and three cats (Mahina, Chandler, and Ross), are Kelsey’s adorable companions that can often be found adventuring alongside her wherever she goes.