Get Involved


Orange County Coastkeeper offers a wide selection of volunteer and internship opportunities throughout the year.

Beach Cleanups

Help preserve our coastal environments through our monthly community beach cleanup program.

Corporate Volunteering

Host a private beach cleanup for you and your team.

MPA Watch

Make a difference in ocean protection by keeping an eye out for Orange County’s most important marine habitats.

Santa Ana River Project

Help protect sensitive species and influence land management at the Santa Ana River mouth.


Let us know what water issues affect your Orange County neighborhood!

Report Pollution

If you spot pollution, report it. Protecting the health of our waters means protecting the health of our community.


Not sure which project you’d like to get involved with? Contact us here and we’ll reach out to you!

Coastal Cleanup Day

Join Coastkeeper for Coastal Cleanup Day on September 18 and a virtual cleanup all month long!

Eco-friendly Gardening

Through our FireScape and SmartScape programs, we aim to encourage water-saving gardening practices.

Clean Water Fund

This fund supports Coastkeeper’s work to safeguard Orange County’s 42 miles of coastline and hundreds of miles of rivers and streams.

Berm Buddies

Monitor human and wildlife activity at the Aliso Berm to influence local policy.