Orange County Coastkeeper Says Region is Well-Equipped to Handle Drought for Now

  • Local water advocate available to discuss California’s drought impacts on Orange County

  • Executive director encourages Southern California to maintain positive water conservation habits

WHAT: While Governor Gavin Newsom has declared many California counties in a state of emergency due to worsening drought conditions, some Southern California counties such as Orange County remain well-equipped to handle the drought. The conservation practices enacted during the last drought have decreased water usage and added to the region’s reservoirs. Orange County Coastkeeper Executive Director Garry Brown is available to discuss California’s drought and why Orange County residents should be proactive with water conservation habits.

WHY: Orange County Coastkeeper emphasizes that the region is able to handle the drought due to its actions conserving water in previous droughts and investing in systems like the groundwater replenishment system that treats sewage to almost distilled water to replenish the city’s aquifer. After years of supplying the guidance and tools for greater household water efficiency, water consumption per household continues to decline. Drought tolerant landscapes account for even greater conservation. While Orange County conditions remain stable, it is still part of the larger water ecosystem in California. The organization encourages the entire community to continue to do their part to conserve water.

QUOTE: “Over the past several years, Orange County has conserved water through increased efficiency, stormwater capture  and transitioning from grass to drought-tolerant landscapes,” said Garry Brown, founder and president of OCCK. “To best protect ourselves from drought, we must continue with these efforts while the entire community of Orange County comes together to conserve our precious water resources.”

CALL TO ACTION:  Orange County Coastkeeper urges local residents to continue to:

  • Conserve water when maintaining lawns and gardens and switch to drought-tolerant landscaping
  • Turn off water when it’s not needed, like when brushing your teeth
  • Running washing machines and dishwashers with full loads
  • Take shorter showers




ORANGE COUNTY COASTKEEPER: Orange County Coastkeeper is a member of the International Waterkeeper Alliance, which has 241 different independent programs across 40 countries. Founded in 1999, the mission of Coastkeeper is to protect and promote sustainable water resources that are swimmable, drinkable, and fishable. Coastkeeper is a nonprofit clean water organization that serves as a proactive steward of our fresh- and saltwater ecosystems. We work collaboratively with diverse groups in the public and private sectors to achieve healthy, accessible, and sustainable water resources for the region. We implement innovative, effective programs in education, advocacy, restoration, research, enforcement, and conservation. For more information, visit or call 714-850-1965.