Orange County Coastal Cleanup Day

September 17, 2016

9 a.m. – noon

Coastal Cleanup Day is the world's largest trash pick up. In California alone, 66,000 volunteers gather to take out the trash and beautify our beaches. We have clean up sites all over Orange County that need love, they might even be in your own backyard. Sign up and find your desired clean up site.  

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What to bring to Coastal Cleanup Day

Waiver Forms:  If you are a minor, be sure to bring your completed waiver forms signed by your parent or guardian with you on the day of the event.

Community Service Hours: Please bring your form to be completed upon arrival.

We have a BYO philosophy, please bring your own of the following as we aspire to accomplish a zero waste event.
  • Bucket or reusable bag
  • Gloves (Gardening gloves or leather work gloves)
  • Reusable water bottle
  • (Optional) A clipboard might be helpful as you fill out your data card
  • (Optional) Pack a waste-free lunch! Coastal Cleanup Day ends at noon at most locations, which makes for a great opportunity to have lunch at the beach or creek! Just be sure to leave your lunch spot cleaner than when you arrived. Get waste-free lunch tips.

Sponsoring Coastal Cleanup Day is an investment. Not only are you getting a great exposure to your local community members, media, and businesses, you are contributing to the beautification and preservation of the environment you call home -- and your employees call home. Your company can demonstrate its desire for clean water, thriving marine life and healthy livelihood for families.Support Orange County Coastal Cleanup Day

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2014 Orange County Results

The 2014 Coastal Cleanup Day took place on Saturday, Sept. 20.  Californians turned out by the tens of thousands to lend their hands in support of clean beaches and inland waterways at the 30th Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day. They scoured beaches and inland waterways, picking up trash and debris at over 850 sites in 55 of California’s 58 counties, gathering hundreds of tons of trash during this three-hour event.  Beach, inland waterway, and community cleanups took place up and down the California coast, from Mexico to the Oregon border, around San Francisco Bay, and at sites as far inland as Lake Tahoe.

With all of the cleanup sites reporting, the Orange County count stands at 7,053 volunteers.  Those volunteers picked up 67,139 pounds of trash and recyclable materials over 91 miles

For more information about Coastal Cleanup Day 2015, contact Julia Williams at

3151 Airway Avenue, Suite F-110

Costa Mesa, CA 92626