Clean Water

One of Coastkeeper’s five program pillars is enforcement- specifically to enforce compliance with state clean water laws and the Federal Clean Water Act. Although our preferred course of action is to collaborate with industries to reduce sources of pollution, Coastkeeper will litigate when necessary. The goal of litigation is to compel industries that have not followed clean water laws to come into compliance. Learn about 

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Water Quality Enforcement

Our enforcement program defends public health standards and makes sure Orange County's water is swimmable, drinkable and fishable for everyone. After our teams go out into the field to identify water quality violations, we use one of the most effective and efficient tools we have – litigation. 

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Scrap Yard Water Quality Project

Through a collaborative stakeholder process, Coastkeeper has developed a draft storm water permit for scrap metal facilities in our region. Our main goal is to give scrapyard operators clear guidelines on how to treat or eliminate the discharge of polluted runoff from the site.

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Harbor Pumpout Survey

In the summer of 2002, Coastkeeper embarked on an investigation to answer: (1) how many pump-out stations are there; (2) are they each operational; (3) if not, what component is nonoperational; (4) sufficiently distributed around and within the marinas; (5) were they visible and well maintained; and (6) what is the water quality immediately surrounding the pump-out stations?

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Areas of Special Biological Significance (ASBS)

In an effort to protect and restore ecologically sensitive ecosystems along the coast, California created a 34 “Areas of Special Biological Significance.” Coastkeeper has had a pioneering role in enforcing laws to protect these vital areas.

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Coastal Access

A major part of protecting and preserving our coast is making sure people can enjoy it! That’s why it’s a priority of Coastkeeper’s to ensure that the public understands and exercises their right to access our local coastal areas.

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