Kids Ocean Day


Kids Ocean Day is an annual celebration and call to action for the protection of the world’s oceans. The event’s goal is to allow students from underserved schools to interact with the environment in order to truly learn the importance of preserving it. Sponsored by the California Coastal Commission, Kids Ocean Day events are hosted throughout the state by different organizations. It includes a series of assemblies, a beach clean-up, and aerial art display. Orange County Coastkeeper has been the local Kids Ocean Day coordinator since 2008.


Kids Ocean Day 2017: June 1, Huntington State Beach

If you are interested in volunteering for this annual ocean celebration, sign up here. 

Kids Ocean Day 2016: June 2, Huntington State Beach


Photographed by Shot Hunters Media

On June 2, 1,300 local students spent the morning cleaning up trash at Huntington Beach for Kids Ocean Day. Joined by nearly 200 teachers and volunteers, this crew removed over 500 pounds of trash from our waters. For ocean lovers like us, it was the best day ever.

After an hour and a half of cleanup in the morning, we all came together on the sparkling-clean sand to get creative and “sea change” with some aerial artwork.

This event was part of the 23rd Annual Kids’ Adopt-A-Beach Cleanup, which took place at six beaches along the California coast with 8,000 children participating in similar events coordinated by the California Coastal Commission.

Kids Ocean Day 2015: May 28, Huntington State Beach



 Photographed by Shot Hunters Media

A fleet of 25 school buses arrived at Huntington State Beach on the morning of May 28, 2015. Kids grades 3-6 armed with rubber gloves are on a mission to "Unite for the Ocean" by picking up trash and gathering to send a giant message to their community that they can make a difference. This year, over 1,300 students and 200 adults gathered to create this image that urges the community to unite for the protection of our ocean. This event was part of a series all along the California coast extending all the way into Mexico for the very first time! To learn more, visit   

We could not have achieved this great feat without the help of our stellar volunteers! This year we had groups from Sam's Club, ADP, One OC's Americorps, UCI, and members of the Coastkeeper Community. Thank you for your dedication!

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Your sponsorship means more kids get to join Kids Ocean Day, connect with their local waters and learn the importance of protecting our ocean. Sponsor today.

A huge THANK YOU to our monetary and in-kind sponsors: Deschutes Brewery, Mesa Water District, Surfside Sports, Van's, Rubio's, Target, Von's and Lowes!

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Kids Ocean Day 2014: June 3rd, Huntington State Beach







 Over 1,200 elementary school students came together to remove litter at Huntington State Beach that would have otherwise polluted the ocean. The theme for 2014 was “Our One Ocean”. Although oceans have many names, there is really only ONE global ocean connecting us all. At noon, students came together to form the shape of a giant albatross over 200 feet wide and the message “Our One Ocean”. A special thanks to our Kids Ocean Day sponsors: Sam’s Club, ADP, Rubio’s, Hurley, Morning Sun and Surfside Sports. Thanks also to John Nguyen for designing the aerial art, our aerial photographers Kurt Soderling and Sky High Cinema, and all the students, faculty, and volunteers that helped to make this event a great success!

Kids Ocean Day 2013: June 4th, Huntington State Beach

In 2013, the message was clear – the ocean needs saving. Over 1,100 Orange County elementary school students, along with 200 educators and volunteers, created this aerial art message on June 4 at Huntington State Beach.


This year marked the 20th anniversary of the Kids Ocean Day program, and the sixth year that Coastkeeper hosted the program in Orange County. Hosted for the first time by the Santa Ana River mouth at Huntington State Beach, this year’s Kids Ocean Day also had milestones for the most kids and volunteers to date!

Special thanks to our volunteers from ADPSam’s ClubVans and our rock star interns. Thank you to our in-kind donors at Starbuck’s (Main St. Huntington Beach) and Rubio’s Costa Mesa, and to our community supporters,Newlight TechnologiesMother’s Market & KitchenSurfside Sports, and Manheim. And thank you to Vans and Charter Printing Inc. for the volunteer t-shirts, and Hurley and Morning Sun Shirt Co. for the student shirts. And last but not least, thanks to the teachers and kids from 13 local elementary schools for helping keep our ocean clean! Learn more at the links below:

Kids Ocean Day 2012: “Defend the Sea!”

950 students, teachers and volunteers!

Kids Ocean Day 2012 has already come and gone! It was a gorgeous day at the beach, and conditions were perfect for this annual event. We returned to  Bolsa Chica State Beach this year and we are very thankful to the amazing State Park staff and officers for their assistance. It was wonderful to see nearly 800 students take part in this hands-on experience to learn what sort of trash ends up on the beach.  The students got to take control, clean the beach, and afterwards, take a stand to “Defend the Sea”. This will hopefully lead each of them  to take actions that can prevent trash from getting to the ocean in the first place.

This event would not have been possible without donations of time, supplies and funds from our supporters.  A gigantic THANK YOU to:



  • Sam’s Club: Corona, Fountain Valley, Fullerton, La Habra, Stanton
  • ADP
  • Coastkeeper interns, past and present
  • Volunteer veterans and newcomers
  • The Aerial Art team, lead by Michael Mori and Vivian Dao
  • CA Coastal Commission
  • Hurley and Morning Sun Shirt Co. for donating 1,000 awesome t-shirts!
  • Chipotle and Lomeli’s for the volunteer’s lunches
  • Trader Joes- 17th St, Costa Mesa
  • Mother’s Market- 19th St, Costa Mesa
  • Starbucks- Bolsa Chica & Heil, Huntington Beach
  • Rubios
Kid-Cleanupkidsoceanday.jpg IMG_1961kidsoceanday.jpg Cleanup-Datakidsoceanday.jpg
Peace-signkidsoceanday.jpg Milk-jugkidsoceanday.jpg Cigarettekidsoceanday.jpg

Kids Ocean Day 2011: “Clean seas, please!”

875 kids, 180 adults = one cute flat fish!

Over 875 kids, over 100 volunteers, and dozens of teachers and chaperones took over Huntington State Beach for a cleanup and aerial art event. Fifteen busloads of students blanketed the beach between Magnolia and Beach Blvd, picking up thousands of pieces of plastic and styrafoam, food wrappers and cigarette butts.  Then our mighty group of over 1,ooo kids and adults joined together to create a flat fish asking us for “Clean Seas Please!”

This event would not have been possible without donations of time, supplies and funds of many generous people.  A gigantic THANK YOU to:



  • Sam’s Club
  • ADP
  • Orange Coast College Circle K Club
  • Various people from CSUF, Saddleback College, and veteran Coastkeeper volunteers and interns
  • The aerial art team, headed up by the fabulous Anni Nguyen
  • California Coastal Commission
  • Hurley and Morning Sun Shirt Company: 1,000 T-shirts!
  • Orange County Community Foundation
  • Mother’s Market
  • Chipotle- lunch for volunteers!
  • Surfside Sports
  • Sprouts, Fresh and Easy, Von’s

Kids Ocean Day 2010


In 2010, we moved our event to Huntington State Beach, and it was a hit! Over 750 Students helped clean the beach, and came together to create an aerial art image with a message to “Sustain Life.”

Thanks to our Volunteers:This year, Coastkeeper was lucky to have over 80 volunteers helping make Ocean Day a success. From creating the aerial art and setting up equipment to leading school groups and bringing us Chipotle, we couldn’t have done it without you! A special thanks to our spectacular aerial art team, and local Sam’s Club stores. 
Thanks to our Sponsors:
 Sam’s Club; Starbucks- Newhope St, Fountain Valley; Trader Joe’s- Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach; Chipotle- Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley.
It’s hard to believe that’s it’s been almost a year since our last Ocean Day event, but it’s just around the corner. This year we’ll be bringing over 750 elementary students from across the county to Huntington State Beach. Students will help clean the beach, and come together to create an aerial art image with a message to “Sustain Life.”

Ocean Day 2009


Thanks to all who helped us bring over 700 elementary school students to Bolsa Chica State Beach for the 15th Annual Kids’ Adopt-A-Beach Cleanup on June 4th, 2009! Our students, teachers and over 70 volunteers created an amazing aerial art design and left Bolsa Chica a lot cleaner.

We couldn’t have done this event without the help of Save Our Beach and Sam’s Club, who helped us recruit volunteers and provided important supplies. Also, thanks to a special donation from Lexus, we were able to send each participant home with a Kids Ocean Day canvas tote, to bring home the message of reducing plastic use.

Ocean Day 2008


For our first year as Ocean Day coordinator, 500 students from 6 local schools participated in the beach cleanup and aerial art activities. Through this incredible program, we learned the impact that students can have in their community when you help them make a connection with their environment and show them ways they can make a difference. Click the links below to learn more:

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