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Ives Tejada

Program Coordinator

Back to Our People

Ives was born in the Philippines and raised in Lakewood, CA. He graduated in 2023 from CSULB with a B.A. in Geography. Looking for experience in the field of environmental work along with making a difference no matter how big or small, Ives took on a Coastkeeper internship under the marine restoration program, then later branched out towards the beach cleanups and education programs. He now serves as a Program Coordinator for Orange County Coastkeeper, where he assists in all of our programs along with leading our Office of Community Partnerships and Strategic Communications outreach program.

Hoping to make a difference, he wants to contribute to the Philippines by creating and providing an improved storm drain system to lessen the damages that typhoons and flooding have created in the past few years.

In his free time, he will most likely be dragonboating, outrigger paddling, hiking, or playing video games.