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Australian beauty brand Kevin Murphy is a company that’s leading the industry in sustainable practices & reducing plastic waste in our oceans.

This year, the hair care product manufacturer and supplier will begin packaging its products with 100% “Ocean Waste Plastic” (OWP) in an effort to reclaim, recycle and reduce plastic from the ocean. Kevin Murphy is working with Ocean Waste Plastic to collect plastic waste from Indonesian waters before sorting, compressing and turning the marine debris into product packaging.

All of the packaging is a recycle number 2, so most recycling facilities will be able to recycle them. 40 Kevin Murphy staff members recently teamed up with Coastkeeper for a beach clean up at Huntington City Beach and collected 18.5 pounds of trash, including: plastic bottle caps, straws, chip bags, cigarette butts, styrofoam and plastic cutlery.

“They were awesome and their brand is doing great work to influence the industry in being more environmentally conscious & reducing waste,” said Cristina Robinson, Coastkeeper educator and local marine biologist.

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