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New Evidence: Poseidon Ranked As Worst Option for Water in O.C.

Last month, the Municipal Water District of Orange County released a study that ranked Poseidon’s proposed desalination plant as the worst option for sustainable water in O.C. Since then, news outlets likeThe Los Angeles Times, OC Weekly and The Loghave reported on the study and Poseidon’s unprofessional behavior with the regional water board. Coastkeeper Chairman Steve Bone also released an opinion piece in Orange County Register offering his view on Poseidon’s plans from a businessman’s perspective. Stay up to date with the fight against unsustainable desalination by visiting our press and blog page.

Illustration by Kevin McVeigh.

Immersive Learning: Coastkeeper Women Become Mentors

On March 16, the women of Orange County Coastkeeper lead workshops and presentations at the Girls in Ocean Science Teen Conference. This event inspires young women with a passion for science to learn more about marine ecology, oceanography and conservation. Coastkeeper’s Marine Restoration Director, Katie Nichols, lead her team in creating oyster shell strings to aid our Olympia Oyster restoration project. Learn more about our restoration efforts.

Sharing Knowledge: The Future of Recycled Water

Executive Director Garry Brown is a leader in California’s recycled water efforts. On March 19, he joined other sustainable water heroes at the WateReuse conference to discuss trends and predictions for recycled water in California. One of Brown’s biggest goals for the future of water is to implement a “direct potable reuse” process, which you can read about on our website.

Looking Back: 20 Years of Clean Water Advocacy

Since 1999, speaking up at moments that matter continues to be an instrumental tool for us to create change for clean and abundant waters. One of our largest victories was advocating for the Rhine Channel in Newport Beach. After noticing water contamination in the area, we stepped in and led the first water quality study of the area to address the issue. This resulted in the first Rhine Channel cleanup since the early 1900s. Help us continue to clean up the Pacific by donating to Coastkeeper.

Rescheduled Event: Eco-Friendly Houseplants

This Saturday, the Coastkeeper Garden welcomes master indoor gardener Julie Bawden-Davis to lead a free workshop. She knows how to save water, fight off pests without harmful chemicals, and provide proper lighting – and she’s here to help your plants thrive. This program was delayed in February due to the rain and will now be hosted with blue skies. For more information, please visit our Facebook event page.