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Have you heard? Coastkeeper has its own pizza at Golden Road Brewery and Pub in Huntington Beach! 

It is a Reuben-style pizza with pastrami, mustard Alfredo sauce, fried sauerkraut, pickles and a yellow mustard drizzle. 

“It’s a little shocking… a little weird,” said Chris Huot, Golden Road’s general manager. “It’s basically a Reuben on a pizza.”

Huot was working for a brewery in Houston, Texas, before he was invited to help start up Golden Road Brewing’s new location on the corner of Peter’s Landing Mall in Sunset Beach.

While the beach-themed brewing giant has numerous other locations in Anaheim, Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles, Glendale and Sacramento, they didn’t have a pub at the beach, a dream of co-founder Meg Gill’s that came true this year.

Upon opening, Huot said the brew pub wanted to do more than just serve pizza and beer by a beautiful harbor. 

The team was looking for ways they could give back to the local beach community when they stumbled upon Coastkeeper’s beach cleanups, and a partnership was born.

It was Huot’s idea to keep a Coastkeeper pizza on a monthly rotation while donating a portion of the proceeds back to our nonprofit to help us protect our waterways.

Chris Huot, general manager at Golden Road Brewery and Pub in Huntington Beach

“Each month, we will make a different pizza for Coastkeeper,” said Huot.

He continued, “The feeling is… if we support a local charity, the money is actually going to our community and not paying the salaries of somebody who lives in New York,” said Huot. “That’s the point of this. To actually give back and make a difference.”

Golden Road Executive Chef, Joseph Torres, invented the Reuben-style pizza.

With its familiar toppings, but unlikely combination for a pizza, Huot says it is reminiscent of he and the executive chef’s upbringing on the East Coast.

“A reuben is a staple out there. That’s a familiar thing, but how often do you see that on a pizza?” The pub has its usual suspects of pizza options on the menu, like pepperoni, but they aren’t afraid to try more off the wall stuff. We recommend pairing the Coastkeeper pizza with Golden Road’s “Heal the Bay” beer on tap!

Come February, Huot said the chef may dial it back on the peculiarity of the pizza for next month.

“Something more accessible,” he said. 

We don’t mind weird… and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Visit Golden Road Brewery and Pub: 16390 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, California

Hours: 11 a.m.-midnight Sunday-Thursday; 11 a.m.-2 a.m. Friday-Saturday. Special late night menu of pizza, garlic knots and pretzels starts at 10 p.m. Happy hour 2-6 p.m. Monday-Friday.

More info: 

Photos and Story by Cari Hachmann, Coastkeeper’s Creative Director

Jess Thayer, Golden Road bartender, serves up a cold beer to go with our Coastkeeper pizza.