Kids Ocean Day

2022 Virtual Art Contest Now Open!

Submissions will be accepted until May 20.

This year, we will be hosting both the in-person aerial art event, as well as a virtual art contest where students can submit original artwork in the form of:

🎨  Drawings

🎨  Digital Illustrations

🎨  Paintings

🎨  Art Made From Trash

🎨  Sculpture

🎨  Weaving

Submit Your ArtSubmit Your Art

Thinking about sponsoring Kids Ocean Day Art Contest 2022? Contact Michaela at [email protected] for more information.

About Kids Ocean Day

Kids Ocean Day is an annual celebration and call to action for the protection of the world’s oceans. The event’s goal is to allow students from underserved schools to interact with the environment in order to truly learn the importance of preserving it.

Sponsored by the California Coastal Commission, Kids Ocean Day events are hosted throughout the state by different organizations. It includes a series of assemblies, a beach clean-up, and aerial art display. Orange County Coastkeeper has been the local Kids Ocean Day coordinator since 2008.

This comprehensive environmental education program is designed to motivate teachers and children to care about the beaches, oceans, and neighborhoods. It demonstrates how the beaches and oceans get dirty and provides “hands-on” opportunities to make a difference by recycling, reducing litter, and cleaning up the neighborhoods and beaches.

Through Kids Ocean Day we teach our children that they, as individuals, can make good things happen. More importantly, the students learn that their actions affect the world around them. This is a very powerful message. It promotes a sense of pride and self-esteem that will help them grow into concerned adults who take an active role in their communities.

Want to involve your school or class?

If you are interested in signing your class up for the next Kids Ocean Day, contact Michaela Coats, Education Director at 714-850-1965 ext 1005 or at [email protected].

The Kids Ocean Day program currently has a waiting list.

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