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If you value affordable, quality water for all Orange County residents, then recent events should alarm you.

The Orange County Water District’s Board of Directors revealed a revision to the term sheet by which they propose to buy expensive, privatized water from Poseidon Water—an internationally-owned corporation that’s spent millions of dollars to push a desalination plant that experts have panned.

It’s another tactic Poseidon is using to inch closer and closer to final approval of their boondoggle after decades of lobbying, and it’s a terrible deal for ratepayers.

Orange County Coastkeeper has sponsored a fascinating “mini-documentary” to shed a light on the proposed desalination plant and why so many leaders in our community oppose it. We encourage you to watch and share with your friends.

Click here to watch the video.

The Orange County Register reported in May that Poseidon is confident they will secure the permits they need to sell Orange County privatized, desalinated water, even though we don’t need it. Experts say the new plant will increase the cost of water and contaminate our shared aquifer with harmful boron and chloride. Its high level of energy use will set back California’s efforts to combat climate change.

Our community is rising in opposition. We can’t let our friends and neighbors remain in the dark about what’s happening right in our backyard. Please take a moment to watch this compelling new mini-documentary and share with your friends and family.

As more people understand how their clean and affordable water will be impacted by this expensive and unnecessary proposal, they’ll demand that our elected leaders reject it.

That’s why it’s so important that we spread the word, and we appreciate your help. Thank you! We’ll be in touch soon with more ways you can make your voice heard.