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Bugs, bugs and more bugs. The Coastkeeper Garden hosted a bug workshop on Saturday that helps kids understand the important role bugs play in our ecosystem, while having fun. Parents and family members were overjoyed to come out and explore the sustainable garden with their little ones.

We started the morning with stories and songs to engage their young minds followed by an exploration of the garden. As they entered the garden the ladybugs flittered around and earthworms crawled to the surface to welcome the children to their home.

To enhance their experience we gave them all magnifying glasses and binoculars, which the kids were excited to take home. Later we went on a scavenger hunt for sticks, but these were no ordinary sticks, they were special sticks that we later used for craft time to create beautiful worms crafts.

One of the children’s favorite places in the garden is the Natural Playground. Everything on this unique playground was supplied organically from mother nature and creatively reused to make a magical playground that even get the parents running around and playing too.

It was a wonderful morning for everyone. We got to teach kids about the little members of the community, how they thrive, and why their contribution to the environment is important. Parents and family members loved bonding with the kids over nature and its many wonders. And most important of all, the kids had fun.