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Happy World Water Day!

Every year on March 22, the world celebrates the water that connects us all. This year’s theme is Water for Peace, emphasizing how our most precious resource can create peace or spark conflict. From managing climate change to political unrest, water cooperation is vital for prosperity and stability worldwide.

In California, managing water has always been a contentious issue that pits communities against one another. Extreme shifts in weather brought about by climate change have only intensified our state’s unstable water supply. With the Colorado River and California reservoir levels reaching record lows in recent years, conflict over water distribution continues to grow.

Despite the challenges of our state’s water future, there are countless ways that we can come together and use water for peace. To celebrate World Water Day, here are three actions you can take to create peace through water.

1. Advocate for sustainable water policy

Local, state, and federal agencies make major decisions impacting our inland and coastal waters. We must show up and call for peaceful and sustainable water solutions whenever possible!

Right now, there’s an open comment period for a flawed statewide water conservation plan that will spark even more water conflicts. View this Instagram post from our friends at LA Waterkeeper for more information on this issue and how you can get involved today.

2. Volunteer for our waters

Create peace within our waters by helping them thrive! Visit our website for volunteer opportunities that benefit our waters, like our monthly trash cleanups and community science projects.

3. Save water at home

Conserving water at home can help reduce demand statewide and ease conflict between communities over water disbursement. Read this blog post for ten quick tips on conserving water in your home!

Thank you for your continued commitment to protecting swimmable, drinkable, and fishable waters in Orange County. Please join us this World Water Day (and every day) to create peace through water!