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Tis the Seas-on of Giving

Help us reach our fundraising goal so that Coastkeeper’s Education and Cleanup OC programs can continue to make waters drinkable, swimmable, fishable and sustainable for all. 

Funds Raised So Far

Water Quality Kits

Water Quality Kits are used to help educate students on the health and vitality of waters in Orange County. Years of use have left our current kits with broken and missing pieces.  Help us restore our collection so that we can inspire the next generation of water warriors.

Water Quality Kits We Still Need

Pitchers and Buckets

Buckets and Pitchers are used to collect water for water sampling.  One $15 donation helps students in Orange County learn about microscopic species and the pollutants that harm them. Donate today!

Number of Buckets and Pitchers We Still Need

Grabbers and Sifters

Trash in the sand is a serious problem. It is often buried and broken into tiny pieces and left in hard to reach places. A $10 donation will help us provide volunteers like you the tools to help make beach trash a thing of the past. Donate now!

Grabbers and Sifters We Still Need
Water Quality Kits
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Rubber Boots

Rubber boots help Coastkeeper staff and volunteers stay dry while administrating water quality tests and conducting cleanups in our local creeks and channels.  Donate a pair for just $15!

Pairs of Rubber Boots We Still Need
Number of items we still need

Tis the Seas-on of Giving. Donate today to help keep waters drinkable, swimmable, fishable and sustainable for all!

Donate Now!Donate Now!