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Special Donors

Give the gift of clean water

Orange County Coastkeeper relies on the support of community leaders and philanthropists to advance our vision of clean and healthy waterways for the region.  Please help us sustain our important water quality programs by making a tax-deductible gift of $500 or more. Your support will be recognized on our website and monthly e-newsletter.

Donate today!

Assist with keeping our boat afloat.

A gift of $500 will provide needed support and maintenance costs to keep our boat on the water to monitor, protect and restore our waterways.

Help us educate our future watershed leaders. 

A gift of $5,000 will provide 200 students from Orange County’s most underserved schools educational opportunities such as field trips, field work experience, and interaction with watershed management professionals through the WHALES program (Watershed Heroes: Actions Linking Education to Stewardship). 

Donate to the Clean Water Fund.

Supporting Advocacy & Enforcement Efforts to Ensure a Clean Water Future for Orange County

Help us where it’s needed the most. 

At Coastkeeper, every dollar counts, and we’ll use your gift where it will make the most impact.  To discuss how you can make a major contribution, contact Ellen at 714-850-1965 or