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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has worked for decades to protect public health and the environment, cleaning up our air, water and land as our economy has continued to grow.

Now, the federal administration is proposing deep cuts to the EPA’s budget, including the $304.9 million in EPA grants California received last year.

If President Trump succeeds in his plan to cut EPA’s budget by almost one-third, the lowest since the 1970s, Californians would face a future with:

  • More asthma attacks
  • More mercury, arsenic, lead and other toxic substances in our drinking water
  • More untreated waste sites
  • Higher cancer risks
  • Fewer investigations to make polluters pay for the costs of cleaning up their waste

The Environmental Defense Fund just published a full paper on how these proposed cuts will affect California’s health, families, jobs and economy. Click here for the full report.

To help protect our communities from these devastating cuts, ask your Congressional representatives to reject any budget that threatens the EPA.