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Coastkeeper’s summer legal interns Nick Tealer and Katrina Neumann survey Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park. Nick attends Lewis & Clark Law School and Katrina attends Chapman University School of Law. Both are set to graduate in 2019. 


We’re training the next generation of environmental attorneys by providing real-world experience in the field of environmental advocacy.

Through an internship with Orange County Coastkeeper, law students learn the intricacies of environmental law and how local, state and federal regulations impact the environment and the people who rely on and enjoy our beautiful inland and coastal areas.

Two of our incredible summer interns, Nick Tealer and Katrina Neumann, are here to tell you about their favorite parts of interning with Orange County Coastkeeper.

Forget busywork. Our interns dive into hands-on projects with legal experts to protect our waters.

“Over the summer, I worked on multiple cases stemming from the Clean Water Act, while acquiring skills necessary to become an effective environmental attorney. It was beneficial to see the various stages that are involved with a Clean Water Act citizen enforcement suit ranging from the submittal of a 60-day notice of violation letter, to performing on-site inspections of previous defendants OCCK has settled with. This ensures that the state’s natural water resources are clean and safe for the public and for wildlife to use.” – Nick Tealer

“During my summer with Coastkeeper, I worked on Clean Water Act citizen suits at various stages of litigation and settlement. I learned about the Clean Water Act enforcement mechanisms and saw first-hand how a citizen suit functioned in practice, from researching and filing a complaint, to following up with a defendant post-settlement to ensure they were on track to come into compliance with the Clean Water Act and settlement terms. I learned how to write comment letters in support of proposed governmental agency action, analyze and organize discovery materials, and draft Public Record Act request letters to various California municipalities and counties, Regional Water Boards, the California State Water Board, and CalEPA.” – Katrina Neumann

Coastkeeper interns make a difference.

“I worked directly with actual environmental attorneys regarding real problems that Orange County is facing today. I would recommend this externship to anyone looking for rewarding work in the environmental law field, or to anyone interested in advocating on behalf of the public or wildlife.” – Nick Tealer

“I loved the opportunity to work with the attorneys and staff at a nonprofit dedicated to promoting and restoring water resources that are drinkable, fishable, swimmable and sustainable. I would recommend a Coastkeeper internship to any law student who is interested in working in environmental law and is dedicated to taking concrete steps to decrease pollution.” – Katrina Neumann

Want to build your legal career to protect our waters?

Click here to learn more about our environmental law clinic and apply to join us.