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Follow along with the schedule for OCCK Streams, here.


NEPA – Citizen’s Guide to Participation

Water Warriors: Coastal Dune Habitats

Groundwater Replenishment System

Monarch Butterflies, Everything You Always Wanted to Know

Implications of the U.S. EPA ‘Transparency in Science’ Rule

Sea Turtles, In celebration of World Turtle Day

Marine Protected Areas. With special guest, Claire Arre, from Laguna Ocean Foundation

Wetlands In Suburbia: Cleaner water, one wetland at a time. With special guest, Mo Wise, from Irvine Water Ranch District

Bee friendly: Tips for Attracting Native Bees to Your Garden

Beach Reopenings: New Rules and Safety

Veggie propagation.


Succulents: Planting and Maintenance.

Poseidon Desalination Updates.

California Natives.

What are PFAS? With special guest, CEO of Cyclopure.

Marine debris.

Water-wise gardening.

All About Algae.

How to create a butterfly garden.

The right way to recycle.

Top three reasons to love our ocean.

Tomato growing tips with Marianne.

Legal insights on EPA enforcement updates.

How to choose sustainable seafood.

Unbe-leafable tips for growing veggies with Marianne.

Our education coordinator, Cristina, share facts about microplastics and where they can be found in your everyday products.


Our education director Dyana dives deep into watersheds and offers examples of where you can find them in Orange County.

Coastkeeper’s garden guru, Marianne, uncovers must-know garden basics.

Our associate director of programs Ray offers insight into stormwater in this OCCK Streams episode.

Check out our first video from our OCCK Streams virtual program. Our legal experts Colin and Sarah talked about coastal access and current restrictions at local beaches. *UPDATE: Things are changing quickly. Please check county and municipal websites for closures before traveling to coastal areas for public access reasons.