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We recently welcomed three full-time water warriors to our team: Korina Rangel, Patrick Irizarry and Cristina Robinson.

Check out their stories below and learn why they’re joining the fight to protect our beaches, coast and waterways from pollution.

Korina Rangel: Connecting young minds to nature in the Inland Empire

After earning her stripes as a part-time program coordinator at our chapter organization Inland Empire Waterkeeper, we’re happy to announce that Korina Rangel has joined us full-time.

Korina first joined us as a volunteer, and then as a stream team member in 2014. Today, she coordinates Waterkeeper’s programs including waterway cleanups and Rivercamp, and events like the Homelessness and Water symposium.

Korina enjoys connecting children to nature through her work, as well as providing impactful programs for a sustainable watershed.

Patrick Irizarry: Mobilizing Orange County communities to fight coastal pollution

A Southern California native, Patrick Irizarry joined our team to fight coastal pollution one community cleanup at a time.

As Coastkeeper’s new volunteer and communications coordinator, Patrick leads community outreach programs including Cleanup OC and Kids Care.

Patrick earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in sustainability with an emphasis on society and sustainability. As a certified yoga instructor, he seeks to combine traditional yogic and sustainable philosophies to create a more harmonic world.

Cristina Robinson: Inspiring the next generation of water warriors 

As Coastkeeper’s new education coordinator, Cristina Robinson stays busy as a school liaison, arranging field trips and in-class presentations for all our education programs.

While earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology, Cristina gained research experience in the reproductive biology and shark laboratories. Her passion for science education and marine conservation ignited when she served as an environmental education specialist at the Wetlands and Marine Science Education Center at the Colorado Lagoon of Long Beach, CA.

And when she’s not training the next generation of water warriors, you can probably find her on her surfboard or exploring local tidepools.

Want to join us?

Check out our current internship opportunities, or click here to get to know our entire Orange County Coastkeeper staff.