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On October 19, at Huntington Beach City Hall the State Lands Commission (SLC) will consider approving an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for Poseidon’s proposed destructive Huntington Beach desalination plant. We need you to join us to tell the commission not to certify the EIR. Here’s why:

Poseidon’s proposed plant would threaten our environment.

Coastkeeper has taken a strong position opposing the proposed plant due to its multiple negative impacts on the environment. These include killing marine life, polluting the ocean with chemical laced brine and contributing to climate change through greenhouse gas emissions. Coastkeeper submitted a comment letter on the EIR that details these concerns, along with the fact that the EIR is incomplete and does not meet the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act to analyze all aspects of the project. Instead the SLC is only analyzing the seawater intake and discharge technology modifications Poseidon is proposing, ignoring the rest of the project.

A desalination plant would only benefit Poseidon’s insiders.

Poseidon’s saga is rather pathetic. Over the years, Poseidon has spent more than $1.6 million on lobbying and campaign contributions while seeking approval to build the desalination plant in Huntington Beach. Fifteen years of struggle has led to Poseidon taking desperate measures to move the project forward. This includes recently hiring former U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer and former California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, as celebrity lobbyists to promote the project to state regulators and legislators. The project is also on Donald Trump’s list of 50 priority projects. For more information, visit

Orange County doesn’t need Poseidon’s overpriced water.

A 2016 Water Reliability Study by the Municipal Water District of Orange County shows the water from the project is not needed in Orange County, and that there are other less costly and environmentally superior sources for future water supplies. Poseidon’s water would cost more than twice as much as imported water and six times the cost of groundwater. The plant would use massive amounts of energy, enough to power 30,000 homes, adding to climate change. The plant would also harm the marine environment by killing marine life in its intake and outfall and by discharging chemical-laden brine. For more information, visit

Poseidon is ignoring statewide standards.

In 2016, the State Water Resources Control Board adopted a statewide policy to guide the development of desalination plants in California. The policy details how desalination plants should be designed to meet actual water needs while protecting the environment. Poseidon has largely ignored the policy guidelines and continues to promote its oversized, environmentally damaging plant in an area that does not need the water. There is no reason to sell off our environment to a Wall Street water company focused solely on profits, when we have better options available to meet our long-term needs.

Will you make your voice heard on October 19?

Join us on October 19 at 8 a.m. to remind the State Lands Commission that our environment is a high priority. Meet us at at Huntington Beach City Hall (2000 Main St. Huntington Beach). You can check in at the Coastkeeper booth near the entrance to the Council Chambers. Wear a white shirt.

We will have talking points if you want to speak and signs to hold if you don’t. We need you there, because there is a power in organized opposition that can make a difference.