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We know that we can’t do it alone, and so we work with and engage local businesses in the preservation and protection of our most precious resource – water.

Last week we joined Edwards Lifesciences and Levi Strauss to clean up Aliso Beach and San Clemente Beach. We talked the talk, walked the walk and cleaned the beach to show how much beautiful beaches and clean water mean to businesses in Orange County.

Edwards Lifesciences, a global leader in the science of heart valves, warmed our hearts on May 6 when it gathered 41 volunteers to clean up Aliso Beach. From 9 a.m. to noon, this lively bunch collected 25 pounds of trash, including plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic foam, the occasional shoe and two-foot long PVC pipes. Yes, these things were just lying around on our beach.

Levi Strauss has been encouraging people to wash their jeans less to help California conserve water during the severe drought and on May 7, ten volunteers met us at San Clemente Beach to continue protecting our precious waters.

Unfortunately, we found something even scarier than trash on the beach with Levi Strauss. A starving baby seal washed up on the beach. Due to sea temperature rising, the main food source for seals and sea lions has become increasingly scarce. As a result, these little guys are forced to look for food on their own before they are ready. Sightings such as these remind us of the type of harmful effects our carbon footprint can have on the environment and habitats.

The cleanup ended with 24 pounds of trash removed from the beach and many more smiles of accomplishment.

Thank you Edward Lifesciences and Levi Strauss for coming out and getting hands on to reduce litter on our beaches, lessen our public health risk, protect our wildlife and preserve our delicate environment in a time of crisis.

If you would like to join Edward Lifesciences and Levi Strauss in doing good in your own backyard, contact Courtney James at Orange County Coastkeeper to organize a corporate beach cleanup for your company: You can email or call 714-850-1965.

For more information on volunteer opportunities with Orange County Coastkeeper, please click here.