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We Don’t Need Poseidon

We don’t need Poseidon’s overpriced desalinated water, and we don’t have to look far for a better alternative to its proposed Huntington Beach plant. Another proposed desalination plant in south Orange County shows that it is possible to use this technology responsibly. 

In an opinion piece in the Daily Pilot, our founder and president Garry Brown unpacks what you need to know and why this proposal is better for our communities.


Making OC Trash-Free

Last weekend, thousands defended our bays, inland waters and beaches from pollution for Coastal Cleanup Day. Thanks for joining us to remove more than 25,000 pounds of trash and recyclable materials from more than 40 sites across our coast. Click here for more ways to take action against microplastic pollution.


Safety in San Onofre

Our families deserve to enjoy living near our coastline with the peace of mind that we are safe from any health risks from radiation exposure. In this op-ed, Garry Brown urges Edison to communicate openly to earn public trust as it safely decommissions its San Onofre Nuclear Plant.


Fighting Hunger at the Garden

The Coastkeeper Garden and Santiago Canyon College are building a community garden to provide healthy food for students and families experiencing food insecurity. It is also a tool for classes and residents to learn about sustainable gardening and preparing healthy meals.


Our Team Just Grew by Three

We recently welcomed three full-time water warriors to our team, and they’re already making a splash. Korina and Cristina connect young minds to nature in Orange County and the Inland Empire, while Patrick mobilizes communities to fight coastal pollution.


Cheers for Clean Water

Thank you for joining us at our 19th annual Toast the Coast to celebrate 19 years of clean water achievements. More than 200 guests enjoyed an evening of laughter, food and fun – all while raising $108,000 to protect clean water in our communities.


A Deep Dive on Eelgrass

This summer, an NBC reporter strapped on his mask and joined our restoration director Katie for a dive in Upper Newport Bay. Check out the underwater segment to learn how we’re fighting the effects of climate change and protecting ecosystems by restoring eelgrass.